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Here is what our clients have to say about us: 


    It is always a pleasure working with Beth. She explains everything and makes the process very easy.
        - 5/20/19
        - Advertising Agency in Birmingham, MI

    Mary Smith is the best!!
        - 5/7/19
        - Marketing Consultant in Ann Arbor, MI

    Amy Justice is always a pleasure to work with!
        - 5/7/19
        - Insurance Agency in West Bloomfield, MI

    Mr Vandegrift is very knowledgeable & always available to answer questions regarding the plans.
        - 4/26/19
        - Neurologist in Alpena, MI

    Mary Smith and Miyeon Lee are wonderful to work with:)!!!!
        - 4/22/19
        - Oral Surgeon in Warren, MI

    Very satisfied with Karen. She is always quick to help!
        - 4/16/19
        - Insurance Agency in Jackson, MI

    I can't be any happier with the service Michelle has provided to our company!
        - 3/26/19
        - Industrial Design Company in Walled Lake, MI

    As usual, Mary Smith was outstanding with her assistance. She is always very helpful with whatever questions I may have.
        - 12/12/18
        - Lumber Wholesaler in Detroit, MI

    Sandy Pehur is and has always been a pleasure to work with! Very Courteous, Professional and helpful.
        - 12/11/18
        - Coffee Manufacturer in Highland Park, MI

    Miyeon has been a pleasure to work with!
        - 10/8/18
        - Machinery Manufacturer in Warren, MI

    Beth Clay is phenomenal. She is very prompt with her correspondence and incredibly timely with the information and forms that she supplies us with. Plus Beth is just a genuinely incredible person. No this was not a paid sponsorship of Beth...she's just that good in my opinion!
        - 10/8/18
        - Tool Manufacturer in Romulus, MI

    Please don't change a thing!
        - 9/25/18
        - Country Club in Southeast Michigan

    Great job once again. Thank you.
        - 9/25/18
        - Dentist in Westland, MI

    Very appreciative of all that Sandy Pehur does for us. Thank you!
        - 9/21/18
        - Medical Equipment Supplier in Holt, MI

    Always great service. Super how you're always available when I call, a real plus!
        - 9/17/18
        - Cardiologist in West Bloomfield, MI

    I really appreciate Dayhna's quick response to any questions that I may have and also how quickly the year end reports were completed.
        - 8/31/18
        - Metal Fabricating Company in Walled Lake, MI

    I am extremely happy with Kristen Pejakovich as our pension consultant. She is always very helpful when I have a question in regard to our pension and very personable to deal with. I have never had a concern that she hasn't been able to take care of for me.
        - 8/6/18
        - Government Entity in Dover Township, MI

    Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful during the entire process.
        - 7/31/18
        - Machine Shop in Marysville, MI

    Amy Justice, is wonderful to work with. Very patient and understanding of any questions I ever have. Great asset to your company!
        - 7/23/18
        - Masonry Supply Store in Williamston, MI

    Beth is wonderful and is a pleasure to work with each and every year!!
        - 6/22/18
        - Dentist in West Bloomfield, MI

    Enjoy working with Dayhna!
        - 6/18/18
        - Marketing Research Company in Auburn Hills, MI

    Karen does an excellent job for us. Thank you.
        - 6/4/18
        - Auto Sales Company in Troy, MI

    Michelle Miller is the best! Courteous, knowledgeable, timely, etc.
        - 5/31/18
        - Paving Company in Troy, MI

    Amy Justice is always very helpful and extremely prompt. I enjoy working with people who know how to get the job done, and Amy is definitely that person.
        - 5/14/18
        - Optometrist in Flint, MI

    Beth Clay is a wonderful consultant. She takes the time to thoroughly explain and walk me through all the paperwork year after year. I love working with her!
        - 5/3/18
        - Advertising Agency in Birmingham, MI

    Mary Smith and Thomas VanDeGrift provide outstanding service!
        - 4/18/18
        - Human Services Agency in Royal Oak, MI

    Amy Justice is a pleasure to work with.
        - 4/10/18
        - Insurance Agency in West Bloomfield, MI

    Karen Miller is always a pleasure to work with.
        - 3/28/18
        - Taxidermist in Blanchard, MI

    I say it every year, but Beth Clay is a rock star and I am so glad that she is my partner on all things 401k. I could not do this without her guidance and have learned so much from her. Working with our 401k provider is a challenge and I could not do it without Beth! We have a great system of checks and balances in our processes, resulting in a great working relationship.
        - 3/27/18
        - Health Management Organization in Troy, MI

    Thank you for your help and expertise. We appreciate it.
        - 3/2/18
        - Dentist in Farmington Hills, MI

    Sandy Pehur is and always has been a pleasure to work with!
        - 12/16/17
        - Coffee Manufacturer in Highland Park, MI

    It has always been a pleasure to work with Mary! She makes everything stress free!
        - 10/31/17
        - Neurologist in Waterford, MI

    I really love working with Beth Clay. She is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful!
        - 10/12/17
        - Dermatologist in Clarkston, MI

    Amy Justice is a pleasure to work with and she ALWAYS is there to answer questions and help me out when needed.
        - 9/26/17
        - Construction Company in Williamston, MI

    Love working with Amy.
        - 9/26/17
        - Insurance Company in Troy, MI

    Karen is always very responsive and a pleasure to work with!
        - 8/11/17
        - Automotive Supplier in Plymouth, MI

    Our pension consultant, Kristen A. Pejakovich, has always been extremely helpful to me whenever I call with any questions and has always returned my phone calls with information in a timely manner.
        - 7/19/17
        -Government Entity in Dover Township, MI

    Mary Smith is the BEST!
        - 7/10/17
        - Manufacturing Company in Algonac, MI

    As always, Sandy and your whole organization are great!!
        - 7/6/17
        - Aircraft Company in Clinton Township, MI

    We always appreciate working with Amy Justice. Amy has the technical expertise we need and is an excellent communicator. Myself and staff enjoy the working relationship with have with Amy Justice.
        - 7/5/17
        - Leasing Office in Rockwood, MI

    Keep up the great work.
        - 7/3/17
        - Physicians Office in Novi, MI

    Janice Zielesch is the very best. She is always helpful, patient, knowledgeable. She makes my job a lot easier. I do not now what I would do without her.
        - 7/3/17
        - Tool & Die Company in Sterling Heights, MI

    Karen and Kristen have been exceptionally valuable to me as I am just joining the team at Caravan, and am new to 401k processes. My predecessor, Cheryl, has also informed me how wonderful the folks at Great Lakes are to work with.
        - 6/26/17
        - Building Maintenance Company in Saginaw, MI

    Janice is over the top responsive and just a great person to work with. She is a great asset to GLPA!
        - 5/30/17
        - Technology Marketing Company in Auburn Hills, MI

    It is always a pleasure to work with Mary Smith. Her timeliness of always getting back to me is priceless. Adding Miyeon Lee to work with our company as well makes my experience and appreciativeness even better.
        - 5/25/17
        - Dentist’s Office in Warren, MI

    Michelle Miller is the best. She is knowledgeable, timely. thorough and professional.
        - 4/26/17
        - Asphalt Paving Company in Troy, MI

    Great Job!
        - 4/26/17
        - Piano Company in Commerce Township, MI

    Michelle is a pleasure to work with, a real asset to your firm.
        - 4/26/17
        - Law Firm in Commerce Township, MI

    Amy Justice knows her stuff and is right on task. I love working with people who jump right on things, and Amy is one of those individuals. I never have to wait for anything, and she knows the answers to all my questions. She's very helpful and patient, and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.
        - 4/26/17
        - Eye Doctor in Flint, MI

    I hear other owners complain about their administrator. Always mention you. Good job
        - 4/24/17
        - Consumer Lending Company in Warren, MI

    Amy Justice is a pleasure to work with.
        - 4/13/17
        - Insurance Company in West Bloomfield, MI

    Miyeon is great to work with
        - 4/11/17
        - Consulting Firm in Milford, MI

    Janice is a rockstar. She is so quick and patient with answering all of my questions.
        - 4/11/17
        - Computer Network Company in Mt. Pleasant, MI

    I would like to give Beth Clay all my thanks for being such a great partner! It is a pleasure to work with her and I appreciate all her patience as I learn the processes and we deal with our "interesting" 401(K) vendor. GLPA is lucky to have Beth Clay on the team!
        - 4/10/17
        - Employee Benefits Company in Troy, MI

    Beth is great...everything is precise and timely.
        - 4/7/17
        - Hardware, Plumbing & Heating Company in Farmington Hills, MI

    Never let Miyeon Lee go.
        - 3/22/17
        - Book Manufacturing Company in Ann Arbor, MI

    My representative is Beth Clay and she is amazing, very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.
        - 3/21/17
        - Paint, Coating, & Adhesive Mfg Company in Burlington, ON

    Beth Clay is just great! So helpful!
        - 3/17/17
        - Specialty Trade Company in Royal Oak, MI

    Beth Clay is outstanding. I love working with her, she is professional, responsive and understanding of our involvement with the client. She keeps us informed and does a phenomenal job for us and our client. Thank you Beth!!!
        - 3/2/17
        - Financial Advisor Office in Northville, MI

    Michelle Miller is Awesome as Always!!!
        - 2/10/17
        - Car Dealership in Wayne, MI

    We've had the pleasure of working with Mary Smith. We are extremely satisfied with the level or service that we receive from her. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, responsive and a joy to work with. We are extremely satisfied with GLPA because of the outstanding service that we receive from our consultant Mary F Smith.
        - 11/29/16
        - Food Produce Company in Livonia, MI

    Karen Dubinski is awesome!
        - 11/1/16
        - Food Service Company in Canton, MI

    Mary Smith is absolutely amazing. She consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service. I sincerely enjoy working with her.
        - 10/11/16
        - Eye Clinic in Livonia, MI

    Mary Smith is by far one the best consultants we have ever worked with. She is responsive beyond reproach and knowledgeable about every aspect of our 401K/profit sharing administration.
        - 10/11/16
        - Law Firm in Southfield, MI

    Michelle Miller has the patience of JOB. Always unflappable!
        - 10/10/16
        - Fabricating Metal Company in Sterling Heights, MI

    Look forward to working with you a lot of years.
        - 10/5/16
        - Construction Management Company in Detroit, MI

    Both Beth and Thomas are excellent...the benchmark for quality of work and client service. I recommend Great Lakes every opportunity I can.
        - 10/3/16
        - Telephone Call Center Company in Troy, MI

    Amy Justice, is great to work with. Always has answers for my questions and if not, points me in the right direction. Pleasure to work with.
        - 9/12/16
        - Specialty Trade Company in Williamston, MI

    Beth Clay is amazing. She goes above an beyond to make sure our questions/needs/concerns are addressed to the our satisfaction. She is excellent on the follow-up and follow-through.
        - 9/6/16
        - Metal Fabricating Company in Romulus, MI

    Miyeon Lee is one in a million. She is an absolute joy to work with makes my job much easier. If only everyone else that I dealt with was as good at their job as she is.
        - 8/23/16
        - Metal Fabricating Company in Walled Lake, MI

    Beth Clay has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with in developing and implementing our retirement accounts. Thank you.
        - 7/28/16
        - Dentist in West Bloomfield, MI

    Karen is very kind and helpful. Appreciate her very much.
        - 7/27/16
        - Auto Repair Company in Indian River, MI

    Amy is the best! She is almost always available; if not, she returns phone calls and emails promptly. She is great at explaining things, and never makes me feel stupid for all the goofy questions I ask.
        - 7/5/16
        - Disaster Restoration Company in Novi, MI

    Love working with Amy - so knowledgeable and helpful.
        - 6/18/16
        - Insurance Company in Troy, MI
    Mary Smith is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to her handling the cash balance plan that we are about to add to our current 401K and Profit Sharing Plan.
        - 6/6/16
        - Dentist in Warren, MI
    Miyeon Lee does a fantastic job for us.
        - 6/6/16
        - Machining Equipment & Supply Company in Rochester Hills, MI
    Sandra Pehur and Thomas VanDeGrift have both provided me with, timely and accurate, reports and information with high levels of professionalism.
        - 5/31/16
        - Metalworking Machinery Mfg in Orion, MI
    I am quite the high maintenance PITA. Karen Dubinski is very patient and ridiculously quick to respond
    to my frequent questions and requests. First class all the way!!!!

        - 5/19/16
        - Chemical Products Manufacturing Company in Detroit, MI
    Miyeon is great! She is very responsive, professional and gets us answers right away.
        - 5/5/16
        - Business Support Services Company in Harper Woods, MI
    Amy is always available and helpful!
        - 4/26/16
        - Pediatric Dentist in Jackson, MI
    I have enjoyed the continued help and support that Miyeon has given me over the years.
        We are a small business and I have responsibility of all HR depts.
        She is amazing with guidance and promptness for any and all concerns I have ever had.

        - 4/26/16
        - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer in Harrison Twp., MI
    Beth Clay is the best! I could not manage our 401k program without her help.
        She is knowledgeable, timely, courteous and most helpful. A real treasure!

        - 4/26/16
        - Advertising Services in Ann Arbor, MI
    Love Beth Clay!! She is a great partner and I personally have learned a lot from her.
         I couldn't do this without her and the team at GLP.

        - 4/21/16
        - Insurance/Brokerage Agency in Troy, MI
    Beth Clay rocks!!!!
        - 4/7/16
        - Dentist in Ann Arbor, MI
    Michelle is helpful and very prompt in returning calls.
        - 3/3/16
        - Dermatologist in Rochester Hills, MI
    LOVE working with Beth Clay she is fantastic.
        Love working with Tom VanDeGrift he is professional and knows his stuff.

        - 3/2/16
        - Financial Advisor in Northville, MI
    It has always been a pleasure to work with Sandy Pehur. She is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.
        I always feel I can rely on her to handle all the various aspects of our plan.

        - 11/27/15
        - Food Manufacturer in Highland Park, MI
    Excellent Job - Very Professional
        - 11/5/15
        - Jeweler in St. Clair Shores, MI
    I have always received excellent service from Great Lakes, especially Sandy and David.
        Thank you all for everything.

        - 10/26/15
        - Credit Union in Southfield, MI
    I just took over the plan a couple of months ago, so this was my first encounter with Great Lakes and Amy.
        She was great! Very informative, very responsive, very friendly. I am looking forward to a long working
        relationship with her. She is great!

        - 10/13/15
        - Specialty Trade Contractor in Novi, MI
    Thank you for all your help in gathering the information from the previous TPA and putting this together.
        I have been impressed with you and your company’s professionalism throughout the process.

        - 10/8/15
        - Personal Service Company in Blanchard, MI
    Michelle is always very helpful and goes out of her way to answer all of my questions and is always
        quick to return my telephone calls or e mails.

        - 10/8/15
        - Governmental Agency in Clayton, MI
    Mary Smith is the greatest. Prompt, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. With Great Lakes Pension,
        we feel like we have a partner and not just a run of the mill vendor going through the motions. It is rare,
        so we really appreciate it! Thank you.

        - 9/29/15
        - Law Firm in Southfield, MI
    It has always been and continues to be a pleasure to work with Beth Clay!
        - 9/23/15
        - Dentist’s Office in West Bloomfield, MI
    Clone Beth Clay and ALL your clients will give you survey results like this! She is very thorough, professional
        and knowledgeable...a pleasure to work with.

        - 9/8/15
        - Tool Manufacturing Company in Detroit, MI
    Mary Smith is the bomb!!!!!
        - 9/2/15
        - Professional/Scientific/Technical Service Company in Rolling Meadows, IL
    Janice is FANTASTIC
        - 9/1/15
        - Home Health Care Service in Farmington Hills, MI
    So appreciate all of Sandy's help!
        - 8/12/15
        - Durable Goods Wholesaler in Holt, MI
    I appreciate all the work and effort Amy Justice has provided our company. She is amazing and I'm
        lucky to work with her.

        - 8/11/15
        - Software Company in Northville, MI
    It is a pleasure to work with Miyeon Lee.
        - 8/3/15
        - Tape and Record Store in Walled Lake, MI
    Karen is great to work with, very helpful and supportive!
        - 7/30/15
        - Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Company in Plymouth, MI
    We are very happy with the performance of Great Lakes Pension regarding our pension plan.
        - 7/8/15
        - Physician’s Office in Flint, MI
    Miyeon Lee is an excellent representative of your company.
        - 6/30/15
        - Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies Wholesaler in Rochester Hills, MI
    JANICE ZIELESCH IS THE BEST. She does a great job for us.
        - 6/22/15
        - Custom Design Company in Troy, MI
    High 5's to Amy Justice for years of knowledgeable and indispensable service.
        - 5/27/15
        - Scientific Research and Development Company in Ferndale, MI
    Always there when we need her.
        - 5/10/15
        - Consumer Lending Company in Warren, MI
    Amy is a great rep and she's a pleasure to work with.
        - 5/8/15
        - General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing Company in Rochester Hills, MI
    A very thorough and professional presentation!
        - 5/5/15
        - Advertising Service Company in Ann Arbor, MI
    Karen Dubinski is wonderful, knowledgeable, handles all my questions and concerns, goes above and beyond
        her normal scope of duties. I am very grateful.

        - 5/4/15
        - Grocery Store in Canton, MI
    Janice Zielesch is a very knowledgeable person. I don't speak "401k". I rely on her assistance and she
        does a great job.

        - 4/24/15
        - Health Practitioner’s Office in Flint, MI
    We really enjoy working with Karen Dubinski. She always responds quickly and helps answer any
        questions we may have.

        - 4/23/15
        - Heating Equipment Supplier in Livonia, MI

    All my questions have been answered quickly. The transition from the old pension to our current
        plan/401K was easy, and continues to be easy to manage. Thank You!

        - 4/15/15
        - Dentist’s Office in Jackson, MI
    Michelle always does a fine job - Is always helpful and courteous- Thank you
        - 4/10/15
        - Used Car Dealer in Indian River, MI
    Karen Dubinski a wonderful asset.
        - 4/9/15
        - Chiropractic Office in Canton, MI
    Beth Clay is a Super Performer
        - 4/8/15
        - Telephone Call Center in Troy, MI

    Janice is very helpful and keeps me out of trouble. A special thanks to her.
        - 3/20/15
        - Personal Service Company in Monroe, MI

    Mary Smith is always helpful with any question I have regarding our plan. It is a pleasure working with her.
        - 3/20/15
        - Lumber Wholesaler in Detroit, MI

    Sandy, we are so grateful for the knowledgeable and detailed compliance service you are providing to us.
        Appreciate the watchful eye!

        - 3/11/15
        - Durable Goods Wholesaler in Holt, MI

    Moving plan and the one stipulation was Great Lakes had to remain. Pleased as always!!!
        - 3/10/15
        - Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Company in Clinton Township, MI

    Beth Clay is outstanding!!!! I compliment her often and thank her for making everything so easy.
        We switched to Great Lakes because we were unhappy with our previous 401k company.
        We could not be more pleased!

        - 2/23/15
        - Specialty Trade Contractor in Royal Oak, MI