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Relationships with Referral Partners

Great Lakes Pension understands the value of reputation—and the work involved in achieving and maintaining it. We know that the needs of your clients drive your business. When you refer your clients to us, you are essentially placing your reputation in our hands. You can count on Great Lakes to value what you value—ensuring the client comes first.

For our clients—and yours—our greatest asset may be our independence. We aren’t obligated to any entity other than the clients we serve. Refer us with confidence. We will work to understand your clients’ goals and establish the best plan to meet them.

In business for more than 30 years, Great Lakes Pension has proven its staying power. We’ve earned the trust of over 600 clients who have more than $1 billion in retirement plan assets. And over 28,000 plan participants rely on us to guide them to successful retirement futures.

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“Beth Clay is the best. She is always willing to help with an issue or answer a question. Beth always follow up on any issues that we may have, as well as helps us with any issues with our 401k vendor. So glad Beth is on our team.”

~ Cindy Mackinder, Wilson Partners