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Customer Satisfaction Is Key

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Plan Design & Administration

Great Lakes Pension is a trusted consultant to businesses looking for expert advice and guidance. We have been recommended as a preferred Third Party Administrator (TPA) by Financial Advisors of major investment and insurance companies. View our continually-expanding list of partners.

Each member of our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering quality services. With Great Lakes Pension, you will be assigned to a specific retirement plan consultant who has not only achieved multiple industry credentials, but will develop a deep knowledge of you, your company, and your retirement plan objectives. This knowledge becomes invaluable as they help you navigate through the issues and regulations governing your retirement plan as your business and objectives evolve.

It is through this highly personalized service model that Great Lakes Pension has achieved a 96% Customer Satisfaction rate. We are confident that once you have an opportunity to experience our service, you will agree.

Our services include the following cornerstones of plan administration:

Plan Design and

Experience a personalized approach—custom plan design, contribution illustrations and collaborative implementation with investment platforms


Monitoring all the details for you—plan eligibility, Key and Highly Compensated Employee identification, vesting, contribution and asset reconciliation


Ensuring your plan retains qualified status—complete annual testing, preparation of all tax forms and attachments, response to audits (CPA and/or IRS)


Getting the complexities right—managing forfeitures, offering expert assistance with plan distributions and plan loans

Our Partners

Great Lakes Pension is proud to partner with these recordkeeping platforms. Click on a vendor below to access their plan sponsor login page.

Investment Company Partners

Open Architecture Investment Partners

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