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To remain effective, a retirement plan requires ongoing maintenance. You can count on our team of professionals to oversee your plan, ensuring its compliance, efficiency and accuracy. We will provide compliance testing, maintenance of plan documents, yearly filings with the IRS and other services required to ensure your plan continues to work for you.

Our goal is to keep your plan audit proof. And you can rely on the deep knowledge and experience of our credentialed team, including an on-staff actuary, to meet this goal year-in and year-out.

The same care and expertise we apply to determining the best retirement plan for each of our clients also applies to ensuring that plan continues to serve your business well. Our focus on continuous improvement—on getting it right and doing it better—means staying in touch with you.

You can look to Great Lakes Pension for:
  • Annual calculation of eligibility and vesting
  • Allocation of employer contributions
  • Processing of participant loans
  • Coordination of distributions
  • Production of signature-ready tax returns
  • Eligibility Determination
  • Forfeiture and Vesting Calculations
  • Allocation of Earnings and Forfeitures
  • Calculation of Employer Contributions and Deductibility
  • Comprehensive Recordkeeping and Trust Accounting
  • IRA, PBGC and DOL Reporting and Disclosure
  • Preparation of Form 5500 and Attachments
  • Preparation of Summary Annual Report
  • Actuarial Valuation and Certification
  • Refined Benefit Plan Valuations, Accrued Benefit and Present Value Calculations
  • Determination of Highly Compensated and Key Employees
  • Notification of Beneficiary/REA Requirements
  • Notification and Monitoring Bond Requirements
Comprehensive Compliance Testing Including:
  • Section 401(a)(26) Min Participation Testing
  • Section 401(k) Discrimination (ADP) Testing
  • Section 401(m) Discrimination (ACP) Testing
  • Section 404(a) Deductibility
  • Section 410(b) Minimum Coverage Testing
  • Section 415, Annual Additions Limit
  • Section 416 Top Heavy Testing

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“We are so grateful for the knowledgeable and detailed compliance service you are providing to us. Appreciate the watchful eye!”

~ Jessica Combs, Block Imaging

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